There are too many certifications (just to mention IT security area) and no much knowledge how to prepare to them effectively.

Social networks are full with questions on the best way to prepare, not to fail the exam, save time / money / efforts etc.

Have you ever heard that 2 big certifications per year is quite good result. It’s not too much but for sure a lot of stress.

Those of you who already have the list of certificates. Have you ever felt that your knowledge evaporated?

I had the same problem: preparation is long and hard, stressful. I don’t want to spend much of my time reserved to my family, sport and rest. Just to prove or structure my knowledge, get a piece of paper and forget it as terrible dream.

Some time ago I started searching for the preparation tips. I came to the conclusion that it can’t be effortless and started to research on how our memory is working. Filtered the techniques that don’t work for technical certifications, tried stuff on myself and have results.

I started writing a book about all you need to get certified quicker and keep your knowledge longer.

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I plan to cover:

  • Preparation to professional certifications. I’ll share my attitude to certificates. Will list the advantages that certificate may give, how to use it wisely. There will be certification preparation process or best practices.
  • Challenges are often during the preparation. Will include most important. Some of us who made a long professional way and have several recognized certificates are trying to do lessons learnt.
  • I’ll share key mistakes during the preparation to give the reader possibility avoid them. The book will also answer the questions such as: what skills will help you to prepare, what to focus attention, preparation optimization, useful stuff, where and how to “archive” your knowledge and how and when to check them.

I’m searching for successful examples

If you would like to share your experience, include information on yourself or your company, say just several words just send me an email to I’ll make a short interview with you.

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