How To Pass CloudU Certification. My Experience

A month passed since I’ve passed my CCSK exam. According to the forgetting curve to keep the knowledge longer I need to have “recall session” approximately half a year later. Not all the study material was relevant to my current job responsibilities and I started to feel that loss that I’ve studied.

Definitely, I will look at CCSK preparation materials in 5 months 🙂 But was searching for something I can do right now to refresh my knowledge about Clouds. I was pleased to realize that remember the stuff from CCSK. Due to correct preparation.

I’ve taken CloudU (Cloud University) Certification Program. It was good option to me as:

  • it’s free and preparation materials are open,
  • no CPE, no recertification, no annual fees or certificate maintenance, no experience requirements, no expiration date,
  • it’s vendor independent.

To be honest, I even thought that CloudU is dead or at least not actual anymore. But information in lessons is still actual as is fundamental. Really 🙂 even mentioned it in Top 10 Cloud Computing Certifications in 2013 on a 2 place after CCSK. in 2015 mentioned it within 11 top IaaS cloud computing certifications. Cool? 🙂

In a nutshell about CloudU

CloudU is a professional certification established by Rackspace.

According to Rackspace, CloudU is a vendor-neutral curriculum designed for IT professionals and business leaders that covers and certifies knowledge of the fundamentals of Cloud Computing.

You can take it anytime, no prerequisites. You have an unlimited quantity of test and a final exam.

CloudU covers

  • How cloud computing differs from traditional IT and why it matters
  • The economics of cloud computing
  • The cloud computing stack SaaS, PaaS, IaaS
  • An infrastructure-as-a-service intensive
  • Cloud security and what vendors and customers need to do to stay secure
  • Planning a move to the cloud tips, tricks, and pitfalls
  • Management strategies for the new IT
  • Mixing and matching public, private and hybrid clouds for maximum benefits
  • Exploring issues in the open cloud from vendor lock-in to open standards
  • Determining the right fit between your technology and the cloud, and when it makes sense to stay in-house

Interested in CloudU Certification?

  • sign up here
  • go to “Browse catalog
  • select CloudU Certification
  • click “Launch” button
  • you will have a list of 10 lessons, / 12-16 pages whitepaper to read (I would say 4-5 pages of clear text as of formatting, pictures, nonlesson related information)
  • each lesson ends with short 10 questions single answer quizzes
  • you are getting access to the next lesson after successfully completed previous lesson,
    as you completed all 10 lessons you are able to take the final exam. 50 questions single answer quizzes completely based on previous material.


It took me 10 days and 10 Pomodori to prepare (25 min per day) and 1 Pomodoro to pass the exam. Actually not days but more correctly – mornings. Some bloggers are writing sitting on the beach but me on the balcony on the 3rd floor at 05:30 AM and looking at Krakow on a morning sun 🙂

Personally, I liked CloudU and would recommend for students, those who just started the career, are switching to cloud security path. Anyone looking at moving to the Cloud, regardless of vendor or platform, can benefit from CloudU.

Guys, 10 days the longest and it’s yours!

P.S. CloudU has also 2 free MOOCs (Massive Open Online Courses):

  • Introduction to Web Hosting and
  • The Big Data MOOC.