How To Challenge Your Brain Using Memorado App

How To Challenge Your Brain Using Memorado App

It’s important to keep your brain working, switch tasks, take a rest. To change activities. To train your brain.

Are the speed, concentration, memory, reaction, and logic important to you? For me and my family, it is. Not often we can improve all of them in our daily routine. I choose the intellectual job, practicing sport and playing musical instruments. But sometimes it’s not enough. gives the links to the research with evidence that training our working memory improves fluid intelligence. This means that the improvements do not only occur in the specific task that is trained, but also transfers to other tasks. Before this study, it was commonly believed that intelligence could not be trained but was genetically given. Fluid intelligence is important for various cognitive tasks as well as for learning.

What did they do exactly?

Examined 101 young adults and 103 seniors as they took part in a daily brain training program for 100 days. The researchers discovered not only improvements in the individual exercises, the participants also showed progress in their general cognitive capability. This means the participants demonstrated improvements in tasks that were not related to the exercises they trained in the program.

Several months ago I started to write about certification preparation tips. I’ve got one interesting follower on Twitter. It was the corporate account of The first thing I’ve looked at was the slogan “Strong Brain. Strong Life”. It’s relevant to what I’m doing. I’ve started digging who is Memorado and what it really do.

Memorado seems has a good scientific background and in-house scientists, researchers, practitioners and teachers around the world who are interested in the research on cognition. They have developers to implement the nice idea of brain trainer. They are ready to implement and enhance the tool that will challenge user’s working memory and cognitive control.

The approach is that you can keep your brain healthy and active by continuing to stimulate your synapses. This stimulation will reinforce the connections between neurons making the brain faster and more capable. Doing this also increases the supply of oxygen and nutrients to the active neurons keeping the brain healthier for longer.

They would like to be the gym for our brain 🙂 Cool.

Memorado app suggests basic free plan (you have just 3 brain games, other great one are locked) and subscription (from several months to several years) with 20+ games and 30 levels for each.

I really like the idea and the scientific background. So I downloaded and installed the app they developed and testing it for 2 weeks.

It personalizes my training by asking which skills do I want to challenge:

  • remember names,
  • understand new topics,
  • make few errors under pressure,
  • mental math,
  • understand complex issues in detail,
  • stick to my to-do lists,
  • my reaction when put on the spot,
  • avoid distraction easily,
  • stay calm in hectic situations,
  • my multi-tasking abilities.

I’m taking daily scientific brain test and track my progress in Memorado app. The app aggregates my score in the different tasks to calculate Memorado BQ (Brain Quotient). The BQ is a scientific measure of cognitive ability over time.

The authors say that regular practice improves our cognitive skills. Let’s see.

Will test it for 1 month and will decide if to switch to the premium version.

What is interesting to me?

  • Memorado has strong ties to the research community and was developed by brain training experts.
  • Clinical studies have investigated the correlation between brain training and an increase in working memory and fluid intelligence.
  • Memorado initiated the “Global Cognition Initiative” to connect neuroscientists from all over the world.
  • The app is updated periodically.

Memorado is gathering and sharing anonymised training data with scientists to advance the research of cognitive functions. You can use it without providing any personal data. If you choose not to provide any personal data, you may not be able to use certain Memorado services. It’s my choice as of now.

Their Science Team has analyzed users’ training habits in order to determine when they prefer training during the day and at what time they perform best. This study also examines whether different types of tasks show different performance patterns.

Let’s look at the key findings.

When are the games played the most?

  • Concentration and logic games peak in the early morning (between 8 and 10 am). The have a second, slightly smaller peak in the afternoon (between 2 and 5 pm).
  • The popularity of games training speed, memory, and reaction increases through the day, peaking in the afternoon (between 3 and 7 pm).
  • Maximum difference between 8 am and 8 pm is 2.3% (concentration) Two notable peaks are around 9 am and 4 pm.

When are the games played the most

When do users perform best?

  • Users playing speed and reaction games achieve higher scores in the morning. Scores decrease during the day and rise again in the late evening.
  • Memory games receive the highest scores in the late evening
  • Users training concentration and logic achieve mostly stable scores throughout the day, have a low point in the evening, but scores peak in the late evening.

When do users perform best


Based on research results and my own experience I’ll try to define my peak time for memory and concentration. I’ll use that information to schedule reading the prep guides and recall sessions. For me personally, the late evening high scores was a surprise.

I didn’t find the comparison of Memorado with other brain games (like Memorado vs …). I’d rather think that Memorado is quite young in the niche and we will see some review in the future. As it has more than 1 000 000 users.

Personally, I like it. I like the scientific background, the app itself, it’s user-friendly and looks good. My kids are delighted with some games. I’m looking forward to seeing such games in my children’s devices. I agree that strategy, shooters, arcade, racing, and other game genres – it’s all good, but most attention should be given to games that develop the capacity of the brain, as it contributes to the improvement of life in general. For kids and adults.

Check out the picture that was shared on Linkedin

Your mind is a weapon. Keep it loaded

Question: Which brain games you like most?