ABB Knowledge Sharing Month. My Presentation

Last Friday, 17.06.2016 I conducted the training “Switch On The Brain” during ABB Knowledge Sharing Month.

Knowledge Sharing Month is a series of trainings and workshops held by ABB Business Services community for it employees. It was first introduced in June 2013 as a Have Influence initiative.

2.5 hours training for 10 people. Just take a look at the presentation.

I’ve added more text now to be easier to read from the web site.

I focused mainly on the certification process. and covered:

  1. How quickly we forget and the reason for that.
  2. Effective study techniques and how to focus attention.
  3. The right way to prepare for your next certification and what you are doing wrong.
  4. My latest experience and
  5. Techniques to use right now.

I prepared the training for those who:

  1. would like to sort out how to switch on the brain and start using it effectively;
  2. thinking or already started preparation for the certification;
  3. have a lot of professional certificates and are successful to see what you can do more.

My key question to the audience was if they can be honest with themselves and say truthfully that know how to learn?

My guess was – NO.

The fact is that we spend more than 10 years in school, and then more than 3 years at university.

It’s 13% of our lives (I assume that we will live 100 years :).


Can you say you’ve spent this time effectively?

Yeap 🙁

It’s good when the person understands this and begins to learn all these topics himself. Therefore, most people today do not develop. They are experiencing problems with finances, health, family life, including personal effectiveness.

Unfortunately, when we are born, there is no manual on how to use the brain as efficiently as possible. As a result, most professionals use their brain at the most primitive level, are not used many of the tools that would enable to work faster, easier and more productive.

Learn how to Learn – is the basis from which we should start our self-development.

For me, the efficiency of using my brain directly impacts on my income. The certification is one of the options. Therefore, I have paid a lot of attention to this issue in recent years.

I packed all my experience in the training course format, which is now available to you.

My personal goal is to give you all you need to get certified quicker and keep knowledge longer! To give you back the time for your family and friends, possibility to grow professionally and be efficient at work.

I believe it’s mean much money 🙂

Work on your study skills!

Get ahead.