5 Conditions To Get To The Certification Finish Line

5 Conditions To Get To The Certification Finish Line

1 month passed since I have read “EDGY Conversations: How Ordinary People Can Achieve Outrageous Success” by Dan Waldschmidt. Not my favorite book to be honest. Strong 4 out of 5. It made me think about professional certification again, it value, preparation process, obstacles that may happen on your way, success in general.

To get certified means to become more successful. Right? Keep in mind that it’s impossible to become successful overnight. Impossible! Stop thinking that success is like a sprint. That’s not so! Certification takes time. Your personal time.

There is no easy way to get certified. You have knowledge available to speed up that process and receive long term results.

It’s important to abandon the excuses if you treasure your future.

We are afraid of certification preparation, lack of experience etc. We are often looking for the excuse, like lack of time, knowledge, we are lazy, it’s bad weather, not in mood etc.

Here are 5 conditions that will bring you to the finish line.

1. Focus on your goal

You must keep an eye on the goal until you reach it. You can use stickers, white boards, reminders, whatever you like to make it visible.

Remember, on the way to success, there are no sick leaves.

The last 24 hours of your life describe how you perceive your goals, potential, stamina and courage needed to overcome the pain and approaching success.

2. Keep going

Do not quit the race. Keep going. Continue to act.

Success is often linked not much with what we intend to do, but much more what are ready to abandon. To be successful, you need to take extremely difficult decisions every day about what to do and what not to do: wake up earlier to read the book or lie in bed, save some money or spend them on training.

Avoid negative. Force yourself to think positively. To control your thoughts is the most difficult task on your way to success. There is nothing more complicated than that. And frankly, the most important.

Today, you are the one whom you thought to become earlier. In the future, you will become the person you want to be right now. Everything in life – everything – starts with a thought.

3. More efforts

The efforts you are making are important. The more effort you put in, the more likely you’ll go to the finish line.

Our brain is still primitive. Key ways that it uses to proceed information are:

  1. If information is boring or predictable, it ignores it.
  2. If information is too complicated, our mind summaries it significantly.

Decision making is the key to achieve success. Choose what do you want. You must desperately want more.

Do not afraid to take risks and be disciplined. Maybe you need to be a little more daring. Pay the exam today. This will be the point of inevitability.

Mediocre efforts lead to mediocre results. In the cycle of everyday life a small step forward – is a great leap backwards. Start with an extreme / maximum effort to study.

We refuse ourselves from the action, not even starting. We are discussing a plan, instead of working on it.

To be successful, we need to do more. Much more. Efforts are always available, at any time. Apply effort – means simply to take the next step. Force yourself to make an extra effort, even if it seems impossible.

Immediately proceed to action. Activity destroys fear. Proceed. Do something. The more the better. The more you fight, the more you win.

Just wake up one hour earlier every day.

4. Be disciplined

There is no laziness. There is a lack of discipline. You can’t do anything with laziness. You can be disciplined. It’s my observations.

Discipline starts with the plan. You become that whom you plan to be.

Plan your success. Plan to work more than even possible. The plan should not be just focused on success. It should be ambitious. Plan to fail 1-2 times on your way to success.

Just prepare to the long way. You can fall on the way, but always rise up. It is not important what the next step will be. It’s important to go ahead. Everyone who participates in the race, tired, just like you.

5. Be open

Listen to other people’s opinions.

If most of the time you do something for yourself, you will probably do not enough valuable things. Join preparation groups, discuss on forums, participate in conferences.

To be generous, donate what is truly important to you (time, money, attention, energy, and emotions).


You give up because you don’t believe enough in yourself. Adhering to the discipline and exerting enough effort, you can do anything.

Now it’s time to start working on the desired future. Now you have the chance to choose what will be tomorrow. Now there is an opportunity to gain new skills.

Right now, you choose the ending of your life story.

You can give up or continue to slowly move toward your goal, step by step.

Usually I afraid to fail the exam and spend the money for nothing. Even if it’s not my money. I afraid not to meet expectations. It’s difficult to even to imagine how much efforts I’ll need to apply to take the exam again.

This book motivates me.

What you are afraid most that may be the reason to quit the race / postpone your preparation to the exam?