How To Read Technical Books In 12 Easy Steps. Part 2

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Last time I’ve listed 7 practical steps to read technical books that will tremendously impact on your ability to memorize the content you are reading. Today I’d like to mention 5 more that are not so obvious. They may help accelerate your memory retention even more.

So, let’s continue.

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Technical Book Reading Guide

8. Organize or join a self-preparation group with deadlines

There are a lot of groups in social networks. I’ve joined some during CCSK preparation. Now, As I’m preparing to CCSP I’ve created the groups on Linkedin and Facebook. If it’s interesting to you feel free to join.

They can be a great way to get the motivation to read. see the questions and answers, use preparation materials, share your opinion and questions.

The big benefit of these is that after you’re done reading you’ll be able to retain what you read a little better because you talk about it out loud with other people.

The key is to set deadlines for finishing a book and then meeting to discuss it.

You either can publish relevant blog posts. Your advice can be valuable for others. In that case, your goal is not to look smart, but to prolong the life of ideas that helped you.

A great way to learn new is to teach that other. Write about and share what you’ve read. It will forward the stuff to your long term memory. You can organize webinar, workshop.

Remember different people understand the same topic with varying intensities and depth based on their experience and exposure.This also helps keep up motivation and interest.

Try to read at least 1 hour and not less than 30 pages per day. It’s mean 500+ pages book less than for 3 weeks.

9. Mix genres

The ability to mix book genres is a great way to be in a good shape and develop other skills.

You can read IT security certification preparation guide and time, project management, personal efficiency book.

10. Eat well

Your body is a complex. It needs energy. Representing only 2% of the weight of an adult, the brain consumes 20% of the energy produced by the body.

Many of us want to eat better, but wanting and doing are two very different things. If you are not practicing bodybuilding, turn those noble intentions into actions by trying out these simple life hacks designed to improve your diet and your overall health in the process.

Drink plenty of natural mineral water.

Healthy lifestyle will probably have more of a profound effect on your learning ability than whether you go to a good school or not.

11. Sleep well

Your body needs quality sleep.

To recuperate, and more importantly, for someone embarking on learning something – sleep is when your body indexes everything you’ve done/learned that day. If the quality of your sleep is poor, your brain won’t have been able to properly store/index everything you got up to that day properly… so all that time you spent reading something? Could well be wasted.

12. Be clever

My good friend (PMP, CISSP certified) says:

Read and try to practice what you have read. If not possible try to find someone who can talk to you about it.

What works best for you personally?

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