Discover How To Accelerate Your Certification Preparation With Pomodoro Technique

If you are serious about professional certification and all pros it has, I recommend managing your time with Pomodoro Technique. Here is the step-by-step guide how to use it.

Time management still is the only way to set up your certification preparation correctly and separate it from the personal stuff. To manage your time is very important. Especially when everything around you seems to be distracting you. Most of the time management techniques fail as are too complicated.

Pomodoro Technique is clear, easy to use. Therefore, quite efficient.

Have you ever had a desire to postpone the task, study later?

You clearly understand the importance of certification and all it pros, right?

But sometimes you can’t focus attention, become bored, tired, feel procrastination etc.

Do you remember that when you get certified, you get recognized? That makes others respect your opinion. As I mentioned before, time management and focus attention are important to boost your certification preparation.

Pomodoro Technique was applied effectively to very range of activities: work and study process organization, books publishing, reports and presentations preparation, project management, meeting, conferences, education organization.

I’ll focus just on certification preparation process using Pomodoro Technique.


  1. One Pomodoro equals to 25 minutes of focused work and 5 min of break after.
  2. After each 4 Pomodori you take 15-30 min break.
  3. Pomodoro is undivided.
  4. If the Pomodoro started it should finish:
    1. If you interrupted Pomodoro – it doesn’t count;
    2. If you finished the task earlier, continue to review, recall this task till the Pomodoro ends.
  5. If the task requires 5-7 Pomodori – divide the task.
  6. If the task requires less than 1 Pomodoro – complement it.

The key here is to make you focus on one task at a time.

What do you need to start?

  1. Timer.
  2. To Do Today Sheet.
  3. Activity Inventory List.

Step-by-step guide

8 easy steps:

  1. Define the task.
  2. Set 25 min timer.
  3. No distractions.
  4. Distracted by something? Start all over again!
  5. Take 5 min break even the task is not completed.
  6. Come back to the #1.
  7. 4 Pomodori completed, take 15-30 min break.
  8. Count the number of completed Pomodori at the day end.


  1. Pomodoro Technique is good when you need to do many tasks a day.
  2. Excellent technique from the energy management point of view. You take regular breaks replenishing your energy.
  3. Increase quality of your working time. Encourages you to minimize distractions, while discouraging multitasking and procrastination.
  4. You don’t miss the breaks to take a rest (eyes, back, brain). Good for your health and improve your concentration, which raises productivity levels.


  1. In the case when you do not have long time periods to work on the task when you need to work with people, during the meetings, calls etc.
  2. When you are tightly working with a group of colleagues and they have their own habits.
  3. When you have small kids who ridicule your time-management 🙂

Pomodoro is an easy and the powerful technique that you can use to accelerate your certification preparation, maximize your focus and attention.

Try it, and see if it works for you!

Necessarily try it TODAY:

  1. Set one task.
  2. Take first 25 min.
  3. Focus on it and let me know how it was.

Using Pomodoro Technique or any other alternatives you are increasing your productivity, doing more for the less time.

Every year there are new researches that say about other effective time ranges rather than classical 25 min focused work, 5 min short beak and 15-30 long break after 4 Pomodori.

To use Pomodoro technique effectively you may need to adapt it, do some tuning to align it with your preparation process and enhancing the focus attention.